Spring Creek Land & Cattle Consulting Inc. was launched in 2003 with a strong desire to continue providing service to the agriculture industry while also maintaining our foundation in production-based agriculture. Janice and Chad Bruynooghe took their skills and combined years of expertise home to the ranch to accomplish this, with a focus on providing superior association, research and project management services to the forage and cattle sectors.

In 2008, Sandy Russell recognized the potential for new opportunities, leaving public service to become a partner in the company. With her, she brought over 10 years experience in economic, market and policy analysis within the beef industry.

Spring Creek operates 'from the home ranch' near Outlook, Saskatchewan allowing us to be active in and maintain close-ties to the industry we serve while being 35 miles from one of agriculture's major centres for business.

The foundation of Spring Creek's success is built on generational roots in agriculture and our strong belief in the potential for our industry to be our children's future.